Laura Byrne hands down a sick byrne to Sam and Snezana over that Cheezel ring

Girls got jokes!

By Mahalia Chang
Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski.

Between their engagement, their incoming new baby-shaped arrival and their co-parenting of daughter Eve, it's a damn wonder than former Bachelor Sam Wood and triumphant Bachelorette Snezana Markoski find time to get absolutely fuckin' roasted by Laura Byrne.

Parents-to-be Sam and Snez, who found love in a hopeless place reality TV show set, were on the receiving end of one of Miss Byrne's… byrnes when she Instagrammed about their very memorable 'promise ring'.

Laura posted an Instagram showing off the sparkler she received from Matthew David Johnson (AKA rose-giving heartthrob Matty J) in a cheeky just-casually-look-at-my-huge-diamond selfie. She wrote, "The curse of being a jewellery designer is that no one ever gives me jewellery, which sucks because it's one of my favourite things in the whole wide world."

"[Matty] is the first man brave enough to give this girl a taste of her own medicine and I'm so completely in love with my ring," she continued.

Of course, she couldn't make a Bachelor-themed ring post without mentioning that ring: "Thanks for making it so wonderful @larsenjewellery thank goodness it didn't end up looking like a cheezel ##jokes##".

The cheezel bit is, of course, referring to the ring Sam gave Snezana when he I-choose-you-Pikachu-ed her, which looked like… uh. This:

Jokes aside, we think we can alllll agree that Matty's choice of ring is way cuter than Sam's. Soz not soz.

Luckily Sam seemed to be in on the joke. While watching the finale on Thursday night last week, Sam threw a screencap on his Instagram stories, writing, "Not as nice as the ring I gave Snez, @matthewdavisjohnson."

He added: "#congratsguys" and "#bringbackthecheezel" for good measure.

All's fair in love and reality TV, right?