Here's how much the ‘Love Island Australia’ contestants make per episode

Dollar, dollar bills y'all.

While the lives of reality TV contestants may seem glamorous AF on Instagram, have you ever wondered just how much they get paid to appear on these immensely popular shows?

When it comes to Love Island Australia, which is hitting screen super soon, we already know that there's a cash prize at the end of the series. In the UK version, the winning contestant gets £50,000 and then is asked whether they want to split the money with their partner (who by this point is probably their official boyfriend or girlfriend) or if they want 'steal' the money for themselves and take it all.

In the history of Love Island no one has ever taken the money and run, but perhaps Australia will be the pioneer of this shady behaviour…

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But what about if you don't 'win' the show? How much do you get for just being there?

You'll probably be surprised to learn that most reality TV contestants don't get paid anything to appear on shows like The Bachelor, Married At First Sight or My Kitchen Rules, but a few ex-contestants have admitted that some of their living costs are paid for so that they have the ability to appear on the show.

When discussing the Love Island UK contestants, an ITV (the network the show airs on in the UK) insider revealed that the only $$$ that the contestants receive is, "A contribution towards living their costs while they are on the show." Which in TV-talk, normally means some sort of cash money to tide you over while you're away.

Ex-Married At First Sight contestants have previously stated that they received around 150 bucks a week to cover costs—which, if you're a Sydney renter, you'll know this really wouldn't cut it.

However, where contestants can really make their money is through opportunities after the show.

We know that reality TV contestants see a huuuuuge boost in social media followers after the show airs, so lots of them captialise on that and do a heck of a lot of #sponsored posts promoting hair vitamins and charcoal toothpaste.

The cash dollars behind these posts can be pretty sweet, with ex-Love Island contestants from the UK earning around $2,650 per post for the girls and $880 for the guys.

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Others go on to sign modelling contracts, launch their own fashion or beauty lines and they all tend to do paid club appearances shortly after the show.

So basically, you earn diddly squat during the show, but if you stir the pot enough and win over the viewers, you can make some sweet, sweet bank afterwards.

Now watch the hostess with the mostess, Sophie Monk, talk about her new Love Island gig: