Love Island Australia winner Tayla says Grant is 'lying' about their breakup

This is getting heated.

By Susannah Guthrie

The shock breakup of Love Island Australia winners Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp is becoming a he-said-she-said tale for the ages, with both parties blaming one another for the demise of their short-lived romance.

Shortly after Grant told KIIS FM's Kylie and Jackie O that he was stunned and "heartbroken" and had tried contacting Tayla to smooth things over, Tayla phoned in to say that, frankly, it was all bullshit.

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A clearly upset Tayla, who's flown to Perth to be with her fam in this trying time, told the radio hosts: "I'd say I'm the heartbroken one considering it was me who been through the ringer."

When asked what Grant could do to patch up this mess, Tayla said he could "stop lying".

"Even since this whole breakup's happened he's still lying ...saying he's trying to get in contact with me but I've been trying to get in contact with him, it's the other way round. He's ignoring my messages.

"I'm not on here to say anything negative about him, it's just really sad that he has to continue to hurt me, that's all," she added.

She also offered a bit more clarity on the whole ex-girlfriend situation, after Grant claimed he definitely, absolutely, most certainly, cross-his-heart-and-hope-to-die, did NOT have a girlfriend when going onto the show.

"She was running the business while he was on the show," Tayla said bluntly.

"You can just go through Instagram and have a look at how real it was. Half of Australia has tagged me in the girl's profile and all of their photos together, so thank you Australia for that one you've done my private investigating for me."

A happy snap of Grant and the ex-girlfriend in question.
A happy snap of Grant and the ex-girlfriend in question.

Perhaps the most bitter pill to swallow? While Tayla still follows Grant on Insta, she reckons he's blocked her. Brutal.

Fellow Islander Eden also spoke to Kyle and Jackie O and said he thinks Grant should donate his half of the prize money to charity.

"I am pretty disappointed in Grant, you know the Love Island contract was very clear that you must not be in a relationship when you applied for Love Island," he said.

"With this now it's really up to Grant and Love Island, you know, what Grant does, like maybe he could even donate his money to charity because really, it was cheating."

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Stay tuned. We have a feeling this one's far from over.