Here’s your first ~raunchy~ look at the ‘Love Island Australia’ contestants!

Sophie Monk is finally back on our screens.

By Katie Stow

We know that you had barely crawled out of your Married At First Sight before falling into your Bachelor in Paradise coma, but we're here to remind you that there's another reality TV dating show coming your way that will no doubt consume your entire life too.

Yes, Love Island Australia is on its way! And we've just got the first sneak peak of the show — including Sophie Monk as perhaps the funniest host in existence and a handful of the hotties jetting over to Spain to film the show.

In the trailer, Sophie rallies up the genetically blessed contestants and loads them onto a plane to Spain before declaring, "Welcome aboard, you beautiful sexy singles. Your love life to Spain is about to take off. So buckle up and couple up. Because we're heading to the hottest summer of your lives."

Watch the full trailer, here:

If the UK show and trailers are anything to go by, the people in this trailer will be the contestants on the first season of Love Island Australia, despite looking like professional models. Seriously, LOOK AT THOSE ABS.

Here, we round up the singles we've spotted so far, so you can get your pre-perve on.