The best Twitter reactions to 'Love Island Australia'

Georgia Love ain't holding back.

By Natasha Harding
love island australia twitter reactions

If, like us, you tuned in to the premiere of Love Island Australia last night, chances are you had some feelings on the new show.

For those who missed out, highlights included Australia meeting the world's first 'kangatarian' and PLENTY of references to 'banter'. Yes, really.

Naturally, Twitter couldn't contain itself, and posted a whole heap of hilarious Tweets about the Love Island Australia premiere.

Here are the best Twitter reactions to Love Island Australia so far:

Naturally, the show's host Sophie Monk swooped in to defend the contestants, taking to Twitter to tell fans "Whatever impressions you've got now of these guys... Just wait until you get to know them properly. Trust me!".

Stay tuned.... or not.