Grant Crapp's 'Love Island' cast mates reckon 'he's changed'

Never 4get your roots.

By Susannah Guthrie
grant crapp

The Love Island crew reckon Grant Crapp might be getting caught up in his 15 minutes of fame, with some of his cast mates saying he's "changed" in recent days.

The joint winner of the show, who split with partner Tayla shortly after leaving the villa, has been in the headlines recently for his so-called "secret girlfriend" and his public pleas for Tayla to take him back.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan at the #'YourCosmoCover event, fellow Islanders Eden Dally and Mark O'Hare expressed their concern about Grant's latest antics.

"He's changed a lot in the last week," Mark claimed. "He doesn't want to go anywhere without his agent."

Eden, meanwhile, said he still couldn't wrap his head around the notion, "Grant had a girlfriend the whole time and still won the whole show".

For his part, Grant has previously claimed his ex-girlfriend was aware they "weren't serious" going into the villa and said he was honest with Tayla about his relationship history.

But Mark, who said he still regards Grant to be a close friend, said he was kept in the dark about the whole thing.

"I'm his mate, he could have told me he had a girlfriend!" Mark said. "He still follows her on Instagram!" he claimed.

Mark, who's happily dating Millie Fuller ("We're good, it's early days," he said), also confirmed he'd heard rumours Grant was headed to Ex on the Beach, a British reality dating show.

We spoke to Grant's agent, Max Markson, who reckons Mark's claim that Grant refuses to go places without his agent is total bull because, "he goes plenty of places without me".

He also confirmed his client was up for a spot on Ex on the Beach.

"I've reached out to Ex on the Beach to see if we could get Grant on there," Max said, adding that Grant was "absolutely" keen to appear on the series.

That's not all Grant has in the works—Max revealed they're working on a 2019 "Grant Crapp calendar" for distribution in England, Ireland and Australia, plus a James Bond-themed poster. Goodness gracious.

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And if Grant has a big head, it's probably because he's a big deal, Max said.

"He is mobbed, wherever he goes there are people screaming," Max said. "He's popular, women are chucking phone numbers at him."

Live scenes from Grant's life RN:

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Grant Crapp was unable to comment on his cast mates' claims because he's currently "under contract", Max said.