Luke Perry accidentally confirmed a huge Riverdale spoiler and we're shook!

So many questions.

By Meg Bellemore

So Luke Perry, aka, Archie’s dad, pretty much just confirmed one of the most popular fan theories attached to Riverdale. The possibility of a second character getting murdered.

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In an interview at WonderCon, sitting alongside his on-screen son KJ Apa (aka, Archie), the two off-screen mates were hit with the question: “What was your reaction when you found out about the second character who’s going to die?”

Apa didn’t bite, (he literally mumbled some gibberish then laughed) but Perry? He totally suggested the spoiler was true. “I felt it was too soon for them; and yet at the same time they deserved it,” he said. Apa diffused the sitch, saying: “Second character question mark?” But Perry continued: “Ah, I’m just telling you – it was too soon, but they had it coming”.

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Check it for yourself, at 3:40.

Perry also revealed how shocked he was when they found out who actually killed Jason Blossom.

“Couldn’t believe it,” Perry said, “We’re all reading [the script], flipped that page, and it just drops on you, like oh man.”

Luckily, Cole Spouse just confirmed that we find out who killed Jason in season one. So we’ll have answers soon. Could this person be responsible for the second murder as well?

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