Magnum ice-cream is now sold IN PINTS and we’ll take 12 tubs please

They have a hectic chocolate shell too.

Ever had a magnum ice-cream and got to the end of it and thought, ‘Man, I could smash another five of these’? Well, if so, you are in luck, as the creamy-choccy pros over at Magnum are now releasing MAGNUM PINTS.

And they are literally exactly what they sound like — one giant pint of Magnum ice-cream. But the best thing about them has to be that they still have their thick chocolate shell.

Magnum Pints not only have big old shards of chocolate inside the smooth vanilla ice-cream, but the entire pint is encased by a thick shell of chocolate — meaning you can stab, crack or smash that bad boy right open.

Right now, the flavours you can get your calorie-craving hands on include Classic, Almond and White chocolate. Nom, nom, nom.

Because folks are seriously keen on this new giant Magnum thang, people are now hosting ‘Pint Parties’ across Australia — with big bloggers like Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton getting involved.

Don’t want to throw a whole shindig at yours? Why not have your own private ‘Pint Party’ and grab yourself a tub (or seven) and, literally, crack it open to kick back and watch an episode of The Bachelor Australia. Because Matty J + a whole pint of ice-cream = a bloody good night and ZERO REGRETS.

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