Marlene King just dropped a ~major~ ‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoiler

She's got a secret, can you keep it?

By Matt Galea
Marlene King just dropped a ~major~ ‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoiler

Despite the ending of one of our most-binged shows, Pretty Little Liars being months away, the cast and crew have not been shy about dropping sneaky secrets.

As the countdown to the unveiling of ‘A’ heats up, more and more little spoilers keep surfacing and we should warn you, if you’re one of those peeps that HATES spoilers and prefers to go in fresh, close this article RN.

But if you’re one of those peeps that luuuuurve a sneaky reveal, go ahead and keep on reading!

The hit show’s creator, Marlene King has dropped some juicy goss about how the mystery series will wrap-up.

“I’m a hopeless romantic. I think that our fans, as much as they’ve enjoyed the mystery of the show, they’ve enjoyed the romance, as well,” she confessed to Variety. “I think the couples that are meant to be together will find their way back together.”


This isn’t the only spoiler that has landed, BTW!

During Freeform’s 2017 Winter TCA panel, the powers that be teased the audience with a few hints of what to expect.

“I think we wound up getting every single person. There was one at the very last moment that we didn’t think was going to work out… people on other shows begged their producers and networks,” King explained.

Executive producer Oliver Goldstick added, “We’ll get a musical number in the last 10 episodes… All of them have incredible different talents and singing is one of them…we found a way to platform it in one of the episodes of the last 10.”


You want more? OK!

One of the lead stars, Shay Mitchell also revealed some goss about her character, Emily’s fate.

“Emily has, you know, a couple other ladies to choose from,” she told ET. “All I can say is that Emily will end up with someone who she cares deeply about.”
“There are so many different surprises. Honestly, I feel that the writers ended our show in the most perfect way.”