Strap in lads, ‘Married At First Sight’ is getting an All-Star series

Find out who’s getting dragged up the aisle for a second time.

By Katie Stow

We may have just wrapped up a hectic season of Married At First Sight, with break ups and wife-swaps galore, but it seems that Channel Nine are searching for ways to up the stakes once again (and beat those insane ratings) by creating an All-Star season MAFS.

Yup, much like Celebrity Big Brother or All-Star Ru Paul's Drag Race, Married At First Sight is re-recruiting its biggest drama heavyweights (read: drama queens) back to match them together for another bout of marital bliss.

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So who is going to be dragged back for another season? We already know that John has had two rounds of MAFS, but who else is willing to put their trust in the 'experts' once again?

According to a TV insider (who spilled the beans to NW), these are the ex-brides and grooms who may be walking down the aisle again for the Married At First Sight all-star season: