So, apparently Ashley and Justin from ‘MAFS’ are hooking up now…

Welcome to another edition of: ‘MAFS’ INCEST!

Married At First Sight Ashley Justin

You may have thought that the Married At First Sight Australia drama ended with the season finale, but you were cruelly mistaken, because it seems like contestants on this season of the show can't help but keep hooking up with each other!

We know from the final two episodes that both Sean and Tracey and Carly and Troy got together after the vow renewals (and brutal breakups), which would have been a massive surprise if the two couples hadn't been papped together before the episode aired. But still, it was great to see the shock on the other contestants' faces when these ~unexpected~ couples trotted in together.

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But it seems that we now have a new couple on the block, in the form of Ashley Irvin and Justin Fischer — AKA Troy and Carly's exes. Seriously, can this show get any more incestuous?!

The two were spotted looking cosy at the Park Hyatt hotel in Sydney last week, and was snapped on the sly by a MAFS fan who was also at the restaurant.

They captioned the photo with, "Forget the million dollar view, the real view is watching Ashley and Justin from MAFS on an awkward AF date whilst you eat dinner."

A source spoke to OK! Magazine to say, "They were flirty. They touched each other a lot." And that the pair went back to Justin's Rose Bay mansion where Ashley slept over.

This supposed hook up follows Justin's admittance during the infamous Boys' Night that he found Ashley attractive, with the oh-so charming phrase, "I did say to the experts that I did like the blonde beach babe Aussie type girls."

Honestly, at this point, we can't handle any more break ups and hook ups. TOO MUCH MAFS DRAMA. We're done.

Over and OUT.