Your first sneak preview of ‘Married At First Sight’ 2018 is here!

Have an ogle at this year’s contestants.

Married At First Sight was our unexpected binge-worthy program of 2017, which saw us stalking the heck out of the contestants and getting far too emotionally involved in these made-for-TV marriages. Which is why we’re stoked that it’s coming back, so we can do all that lame-ass stuff again!

The Nine Network has released the first trailer of the new series, positioning it around a ‘leap of faith’ metaphor — because, let’s be honest, marrying a stranger on the telly takes a lot of balls (or a desperate desire for 15 minutes of fame). But let’s not get too cynical yet! Instead, let’s meet the brides and grooms-to-be:

Gabrielle: "I really, really thought I would have a partner and have kids and a family. It's hard that I'm not there yet."

Mat: "I'm definitely lonely. I want to find someone to grow old with. I absolutely believe in love at first sight."

Charlene: “I never thought that I would be nearly 40 and be with nobody.”

Troy: “I’m ready to find new love.”

So far, Married At First Sight has had a pretty bad success rate for couples staying together — with NONE from the last season standing the test of time. But one couple from the first Aussie season has stayed together and have just had a baby!

Watch Zoe and Alex chat about parenthood here:

Fingers crossed things go a little better for this season’s contestants and we get some ~real~ love happening on MAFS!