Did this photo just SPOIL the ending to ‘Married At First Sight’ Australia?

And they all lived happily ever after…

We have been quietly obsessing over Married At First Sight Australia for quite some time now, picking out our favourite couples from the show — Charlene and Pat, ammright?? — and trying not to be overly agitated by other cast members. We're looking at you misogynistic Dean and ridiculously-annoying-laugh Troy...

Whilst we know that a lot of the stuff that happens on the show is hyped up for our ~viewing pleasure~, we do get genuinely invested, so when someone comes along and spoils the whole damn thing, we're devo.

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Whilst the ending of these types of shows is normally ruined by paparazzi, it seems like one couple accidentally revealed the outcome of the show.

Super smiley Charlene posted a photo on Instagram from the Frankston Waterfront Festival, which took place over the weekend, featuring herself, her MAFS husband Pat, and her co-stars, Sarah, Telv, Alycia and Matt. Does this mean that they're all still together?!

As these six individuals represent some of the strongest couples in the series, it's quite likely that this legit reveals that these kids stick it out, make to finale and live happily ever after.

Though we're not totally surprised (as we were shipping these couples from the start), we're kinda bummed that we found out this way. The finale is always so tense as the producers amp up the drama just before the commitment ceremony so you don't know which way it's gonna go. But now we do know. GUTTED.

…Totally still going to watch the show though, 'cos #addicted.

Now watch MAFS star Troy deny being an actor whilst looking at himself in the mirror about 420 times: