Does this photo prove that 'Married At First Sight's' Carly and Troy have broken up?

It's all in the teeth.

By Katie Stow

The show that brought you the worst success rate of all reality TV dating shows, Married At First Sight, may have just rolled out its last breakup in the form of wife-swappers Troy Delmege and Carly Bower.

Though there haven't been any public announcements about the split, fans are convinced that this photo has proven, once and for all, that the couple are doneskis.

Yes, we know that this may look innocent AF, but any stalker-level fans of MAFS stars will notice something is out of whack...

Though Troy is alluding to taking that "evening stroll" that night, it's clear from the couple's teeth (yes, you read that right) that this is an old ass photo.

This is because Carly recently treated herself to a new set of veneers, meaning her teeth look v. different now — and a little more like this:

…We will now allow some time for you to scroll back and forth to compare gnashers.

Spot the difference?!

So why is Troy posting old photos and pretending they're from the present? Fans reckon that it's for suuure splitsville and that they're keeping up appearances before an inevitable breakup spread in a magazine.

It seems that Carly is trying to cover her goofy groom's tracks by commenting on the post saying, "Troy's is in trouble for this post!"

What do you reckon? Are Carly and Troy actually on the rocks or was this just a dumb mistake from Troy wanting to post a good photo of himself?