The latest ‘Married At First Sight’ wife-swap hookup is perhaps the most unexpected yet…

Charlene’s on the prowl.

Juuuust when you thought we were over the Married At First Sight wife-swapping — after Dean went for Davina during the show, Tracey and Sean and Carly and Troy shocked the whole damn country with their reunion hook ups and Ashley and Justin FINALLY confirmed that they have been sleeping together — we have another whopper coming your way.

And it's perhaps the most unexpected of them all...

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If you're as much of a MAFS Instagram stalker as we are, you may have spotted that a group of ex-wives and grooms headed out for dinner in Melbourne. And no, we're not talking about Dean and his new girlfriend, we're on about Charlene, Sarah, Ashley and Matt having a wild time over a couple of pizzas.

The four were catching up and having a grand old time, filming snippets of the evening on their Instagram stories before Matty uploaded a full video of them all singing Spice Girls in the car home. Matt (who was originally matched with Alycia on the show) captioned the video with, ""Had such a fun night with Matty's Angels aka the spice girls! We did dinner, we dropped the keys, then we dropped the beat!" with the hashtags "don't hate the player" and "I'm getting lucky."

But it's what Sarah and Ashley were cackling in the background of all these videos that has us suspicious…

You can defs hear them say, "Lovebirds!" and "Cute couple alert!" hinting that Charlene and Matty may be the latest MAFS couple to hookup after the show.

However, this isn't the first time that Charlene and Matt have teased that they may be a couple, with Matty posting a picture of the two of them on Instagram saying they were swingers!

So does this mean we have a new Married At First Sight couple? If so, this officially means that contestants have much more luck outside of the experiment than it in with their 'expertly matched' partner. LOL.

Obviously this could all just be Charlene and Matt messing around and having a joke, but honestly we think these two are kinda cute together!

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