Charlene and Pat from ‘Married At First Sight’ have officially called it quits

Love is well and truly ~ded~.

After a hectic as fuck season of Married At First Sight Australia, we were left with three couples who renewed their vows and seemed to be loved-up and ready to commit to each other outside of the experiment. Those brides and grooms included: John and Melissa, Sarah and Telv, and Pat and Charlene.

We had hope, we fell for the fairytale, we applauded when they declared that they loved each other and wanted to go the distance. We believed reality TV love could actually be real!

What a crock of shit that was.

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This morning Charlene posted to Instagram a cute collage of pictures from her time on Married At First Sight, which at first glance did not look like a 'FYI we broke up' post — but boy was it! Charlene captioned the picture with this:

"That marks the end to a truly amazing once in a lifetime experience!! @pattymiller_mafs we did so well, what an amazing team we were! Thank you for this incredible ride — looking forward to a lifetime of friendship. I cannot even begin to thank the weird and wacky people that came on the ride with me... you guys are so much fun and there are some friendships that I know will extend beyond a lifetime.

"To all the people behind the cameras my family, Vic, my friends, my puppies, the amazing camera and soundo's, the Endemol crew and the wonderful team at channel 9 — you all know who you are — all I can say is the very biggest thank you!! Without all of you I wouldn't have been able to start this let alone get through it. It's been such a blast!! What an incredible bunch of human beings you are!! After all of this I will always still say yes to new adventures!!! Love awaits... "

"Love awaits"?! Brutal mate, brutal…

Pat is yet to publicly speak out on his relationship ending with his on-screen spouse, Charlene — but after having a quick gander at his Instagram, you'll see that it's been a little while since he posted anything about his TV wife, so perhaps we should have guessed that things had gone down the toilet.

He's also dropped the 'MAFS' part of his Instagram handle (it used to be @pattymiller_mafs), which could be seen as a little dig at the show for failing to find him a long-term lover.

While we're gutted for Pat and Charlene, we're now more concerned than ever that this show is definitely not a reliable place to find love. Back to Tinder we go…

Now watch Charlene and Pat's vow renewal whilst crying into a bucket of ice cream: