The seriously frosty behind-the-scenes moment that happened to Dean after his ‘MAFS’ dumping

Almost as awkward as his rapping.

Married At First Sight Dean Dumped Behind The Scenes

In case you missed last night's episode of Married At First Sight Australia, let us tell you (with glee) that certified misogynist and almost-cheater Dean Wells was royally dumped by his on-screen wife, Tracey Jewel, during their final commitment ceremony.

For the first time in the whole bloody series, Dean admitted that he was in love with Tracey and was finally ready to commit to her and grow their future together. Tracey responded to his vows with, "Aww, that's sweet," meaning you knew shit was about to hit the fan.

She cracked on with her vows, which, to begin with, were romantic and optimistic — until she rained down the truth on dodgy Dean, declaring that his betrayals were too much and that he simply didn't deserve her. TOO RIGHT.

This resulted in a painful 'boy bye' moment where Tracey just fucked right off to the limo and drove away from her now ex-husband, leaving Dean to wander around a field and feel shit about himself.

But apparently things behind-the-scenes were even more awkward…

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Dean had a chat with The Fix where he admitted that there was zero closure or discussions with Tracey after she said her vows.


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Obviously, since filming their breakup, the two have seen each other again, as they are promoting the show together at press events and public appearances — even encouraging 'fans' to vote for MAFS for the TV Week Logies.

While the final commitment ceremonies usually mark the end of the season, we still have the uberly hyped-up 'reunion' episode, which sees all the contestants return to the show to reveal the truth and lies behind every blow up on this series. So, nope, the drama still isn't over…