Dean from 'MAFS' is now sending explicit texts to Tracey about girls he's slept with

Stop being gross, dude.

Married At First Sight Dean Explicit Texts

We may have just witnessed the brutal breakup of Dean and Tracey on Married At First Sight Australia, where dodgy Deano poured out his heart to Tracey (and admitted he was in love with her), before she dumped his sorry ass, declaring that he simply doesn't deserve her.

You can watch the whole showdown in the video below — just make sure you have your popcorn at the ready!

While we thought this episode marked the end of Tracey and Dean's dramas, it seems that shit is continuously hitting the fan for this couple.

A source spoke to Daily Mail to explain that Dean is now extremely keen to keep Tracey up to date with his exploits as a single man after their break up — which in Dean-talk means sending his ex-wife explicit messages, pictures and screenshots of his brewing relationships with other ladies.

One message included a picture of some girl's Instagram with a text from Dean saying:

Other reports say that since ending things with Married At First Sight and his relationship with Tracey, he's slept with 12 women in one night and then sent a picture of a woman to Tracey saying, "That was one of them. One while her boyfriend was sitting in the corner watching everything."

Was this his plan for the Davina-Ryan-Tracey love rhombus after all?! 'Cos, gross.

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However, Tracey doesn't seem to be too phased by Dean's dodgy antics, as she's supposedly keeping herself busy in a new relationship with Sean Thomsen — AKA another groom from her season of MAFS.

The two were spotted hanging out in Sydney and staying in a hotel in Bali together too. Tracey even admitted live on the radio that she's not currently single, and said, "No comment," when asked if her new lover boy was Sean. If that's not a confession, then we don't know what is!

No doubt, all will be revealed in the dramatic final dinner party reunion episode set to air tonight as the last chapter in this hectic novel of reality TV marriages.

Now watch what drama will unfold at the final MAFS dinner party: