Dean from ‘Married At First Sight’ just debuted his new girlfriend on Instagram

She looks nothing like Tracey or Davina…

It seems that we all still can't get enough of Married At First Sight drama — despite the season finale airing a few weeks ago. And who can blame us? Post-show hookups are happening left, right and centre, and the ex-contestants have become social media stars that we simply can't help stalking.

And one of our favourites to keep up to date on? Old mate Dean Wells.

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Dean didn't have the best time on Married At First Sight — he got hitched to Tracey before having an emotional affair with Davina, and he was grilled about it each week by the other brides and grooms. Then Dean had almost ~redeemed himself~ by apologising and trying his best with Tracey, before he was brutally dumped at the final vow renewal, leaving Australia both shocked and ferociously applauding at the same time.

He then received another slap in the face when at the reunion dinner party, his ex-wife walked in with her new boyfriend! Yup, Tracey and Sean (who was previously matched with Blair) hooked up between her dumping Dean and the season wrapping.

But it seems that Dean has now moved on too!

He recently headed out to dinner with a few fellow MAFS contestants in Bondi — including Nasser, Blair, Justin and Ashley — but decided to bring along a date for himself, who he can be seen wrapping his arms around in this picture he posted on Instagram.

Sneakily, Dean didn't tag the girl he was cuddling up to in the picture so we have nada idea who she is — but this is a pretty ~intimate~ position to be in, right?!

The only other MAFS couple we know that does that pose are these two…

Telling sign? We think so!