Tracey and Dean from 'MAFS' are having a baby, apparently

Uh, okay.

By Jessica Chandra

In case Dean Wells and Tracey Jewel weren't already controversial enough, the Married at First Sight couple is said to be expecting a baby together.

That's right — a baby.

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It seems like a pretty massive — and life-changing — step for a couple that's been matched on a reality show by ~experts~, and who have already had more ups and downs than a normal people experience in long-term relationships. And did we not all watch Dean, a self-proclaimed feminist, offer up Tracey for a potential wife swap at one of the recent boys' nights? (His words: "Can someone just say they wanna bang Tracey?") Ugh.

According to NW, all this MAFS baby talk has come up because Tracey has been spotted with a "noticeably rounder tum recently" (er, OK), and that she's been wanting to grow her family for a while, which is why she's sticking it out with Dean — who should be so lucky that anyone wants to stick it out with him, at this rate. (Tracey already has an eight-year-old daughter.)

Tracey even thinks Dean's "wild card" ways will make him a "fun dad"! "Dean is such a wild card I reckon he'd be a fun dad one minute and super strict the next," she said. "I was a lot younger when I had Grace and now I have so much more life experience and I feel much more ready [for another]."

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We are obviously taking this news with a huge grain of salt — make that a salt flat, actually. So far there has only been one baby to come out of a MAFS Australia relationship, and that's Zoe Hendrix and Alex Garner's.

Sure, Zoe and Alex had their ups and downs, but they didn't have to deal with even half of the shit the couples on the more recent seasons go through.