5 predictions for WTF is going down on the ‘Married At First Sight’ finale


It's finally here! After weeks of getting sucked into the drama of Married At First Sight Australia, we have finally arrived at the end of the show. We've seen weddings, hook ups, break ups, wife swaps, boys' nights, dinner parties, commitment ceremonies, tears, fights and far too many shots of Troy brushing his teeth.

After all that ~drama~ we were left at the final vow renewal with three 'solid' couples: Sarah and Telv, Charlene and Patrick and John and Melissa. While we thought that the series would end on one last swooping shot of Sarah and Telv snogging each other's faces off, we have, instead, been treated to one last dinner party and a couples therapy session where the contestants are forced to watch footage from the season.

You know what that means? DEAN'S BULLSHIT WILL BE AIRED FOR ALL TO SEE. Hallefuckinglujah.

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But in all the thousands of promos that have been splashed across our screens have promised "The biggest twist yet" — and after two major ones in the last episode (with Carly and Troy and Sean and Tracey coupling up), we are going crazy trying to figure out what else could be this big ass twist?!

So far we have some ~serious~ predictions as to what shit will go down in the MAFS finale. Feel free to read with your jaw on the floor…

Tracey is pregnant

Rumours were swirling a while back that Tracey was up the duff with Dean's baby, and while we don't normally buy into the tabloid bullshit, it was a similar source to the one that exposed both Carly and Troy's relationship and Tracey's budding romance with Sean — so this could be legit! But the big question is: Who's the daddy?!

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The final episode is filmed six weeks after the last vow renewal, so there's potential that it could be Dean's, and maybe that's why she's still in touch with him. However, she's now firmly in a relationship with Sean (they hooked up two weeks after her MAFS break up) and the two seem to be moving preeeetty quickly — with Tracey relocating to Melbourne to be with him — so there's potential that they may be speeding things up to be ready and settled for the baby.

Tracey already has a daughter who lives with her in Perth, so we reckon she wouldn't be relocating unless it was really serious — like, 'I'm having Sean's baby' serious.

Carly and Troy breakup there and then

They may have only just got together (after Troy and Ashley mutually dumped each other at the final commitment ceremony), but we reckon that Carly and Troy could be over before they even properly begin.

Troy has claimed that he's moving to Melbourne to be with Carly, which is pretty intense as they have only just got together, and he literally said he was in love with Ashley about 5.5 seconds ago. But does Carly know the ~real~ him?

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We know from the finale promos that the contestants are going to look back over footage from the season, supposedly revealing secrets from devious grooms on the boys' nights. Though Troy wasn't the main 'baddie' on that night (because we all know that Dean well and truly nabbed that title), he also wasn't the best, and he lied about what was said during the dinner party that followed.

We reckon that seeing those lies smack bang in front of her, along with witnessing just how mushy Troy was with Ashley, and that god awful footage of him brushing his teeth, may make Carly reconsider her new relationship.

Sean Thomsen reveals he's actually related to Ellen DeGeneres

Davina said what we were all thinking in the last episode: That Sean sure does look like Ellen DeGeneres. Though this really would be a stretch for an 'explosive final twist', it would sure be an original way to end the series.

Keep your fingers crossed for a dance off.

Sarah takes her makeup off

Certified Glamazon, Sarah, has admitted the heartbreaking reason why she wears so much makeup already, but what would be the loveliest way to show Telv that she's super secure with him than to arrive at the finale completely bare-faced?!

Dean declares he has a hectic STD

Wannabe feminist, but actual misogynist, Dean, has revealed that he's a "man's man," and "men are sexual beings," and his best mate declared that he has a tendency to "hit it and quit it," so it's not a far-fetched call that Deano may have caught an unwanted STI.

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He's also sent some explicit messages to Tracey after their breakup about girls he's slept with — seemingly on a bit of a sexual rampage after being dumped on national TV.

So maybe Dean decides to drop the bomb that he has an STD?! That would certainly be a new way to wrap things up...

Now watch what drama will unfold at the final MAFS dinner party: