‘Married At First Sight’ Sarah reveals the heartbreaking reason why she wears so much makeup

The glamorous gal gets candid.

Married At First Sight Sarah Makeup

We are literally living for Married at First Sight Australia right now. There's so much drama, so many weird pairings and just the perfect amount of crazy cast members to make this potentially the best (and most controversial) season of MAFS.

One of our actual favourite couples — not just the ones you love to hate — are Sarah and Telv. The two were instantly loved-up on their wedding and seem to have a legit real relationship, enjoying each other's company and progressing along beautifully in the experiment.

When we were first introduced to Sarah, one of the main things we noticed was that DAMN she is one glamorous lady! With perfectly blow dried hair and always-immaculate makeup, Sarah is so screen ready it hurts.

However, in a recent interview with OK Magazine, Sarah revealed the heartbreaking reason why she refuses to go barefaced, saying:

She went on to explain that former partners (including her ex-fiancé) constantly expected her to completely dolled up, and told her that they didn't find her sexy without makeup. This led Sarah, who is a beautician and model by trade, to even go to bed with makeup to please her partner — never giving her face a break from the products.

Hopefully now she's in a loving relationship with Telv, who clearly adores her, she'll have the confidence to be her best bare self and not feel the pressure to wear a full face of makeup 24/7.

Now, you should definitely see what the MAFS brides looked like before and after their cosmetic surgery, because man-oh-man you will not recognise some of them!