The real reason why Sarah and Telv from ‘Married At First Sight’ are faking their relationship

Business first, reality second.

We are episodes away from the Married At First Sight finale, where we get to see all the brides and grooms reveal their final decision about whether they want to stay with their 'expertly matched' TV spouse.

However, reports are in that crowd-favourite couple, Sarah and Telv, won't be going the distance…

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Despite being hella loved up and ~sealing the deal~ a few weeks back, it seems that things have gone tits up for this couple, with emails being leaked to the press that they have ended things post-MAFS.

Supposedly it's to do with the fact that Telv didn't want to move in with Sarah after the experiment was over, whilst she wanted to continue as a married couple and live together. We saw that argument play out this week on Married At First Sight, but it seemed like the pair had patched things up and were looking forward to the future.

All of this drama has come around the same time that photos and videos of Telv snorting a white substance off a stripper's bottom were leaked — which, no doubt, Sarah will have seen by now.

However, the couple is pretending to still be together — both on Instagram and at public appearances — because Sarah has a makeup line in the works, and wants to keep the public invested in her and her relationship until after the launch.

Because the pair are faking it 'til the launch of Sarah's makeup line, it's likely that they will say 'stay' at the final commitment ceremony, so they can fool the public into thinking they're still loved up.

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