Married At First Sight: Dean just leaked drunken texts from Tracey to the press

A seedy move from a seedy dude.

By Katie Stow

After giving us the best final vow scene in Married At First Sight history, Tracey became the people's champion for kicking Dean Wells to the curb in the greatest on-screen dumping we've ever seen. But only a couple of months after telling him she deserved better (and having a fairly serious fling with another MAFS groom, Sean Thomsen) it seems that Tracey is trying to crawl back into Dean's life.

While we are borderline judging her for her dubious taste in men, we still high-key hate Dean — and that rage just got a whole lot hotter when he decided to sell Tracey's drunken text messages to him to the Daily Mail. Classy dude…

The text messages reportedly were sent back on April 18, 2018, which was when Tracey was still dating Sean. The now-single mother messaged Dean to say, "You've really got under my skin the past few days." The conversation went as follows:

Here's the full screenshot, published by the Daily Mail:

Firstly, Dean, the phrase is, 'That ship has sailed,' you goober.

Secondly, remember the part when she asked you to "promise never to show anyone," and you said, "ok sure"? AND THEN YOU THREW HER UNDER THE BUS?! Yeah, that was so lovely of you.

Clearly Tracey is going through a tough time at the moment — she's had two very public relationships and breakups in the last couple of months, she's launched a book and she's dealing with a lot of social media trolls. Not saying that Dean hasn't had to deal with that shit too, but it seems pretty harsh to out your mate (and ex-wife) to the tabloids for a couple of bucks.

Hopefully the two can move on from this separately, and Dean doesn't pull another dick move like this.