‘Married At First Sight’: Tracey has finally moved on with a normal dude!

Meet Patrick Kedemos.

By Katie Stow

Tracey Jewel may literally just hopped off the roller-coaster that was Married At First Sight Australia, after being TV-married to the world's biggest douche, Dean Wells, dumping him on national television and then dating another MAFS groom, Sean Thomsen, and planning to relocate her life to Melbourne to be with him, before she kicked him to the curb. PHEW.

But it seems that Tracey isn't one to chill out and have a break from men after all that failure, and she's back on the horse, announcing her new boyfriend just this morning!

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Tracey Jewel is now dating Patrick Kedemos, a Managing Director at a finance company, who she has actually dated before and has now gotten back with. She explained on Instagram, that they reconnected at a 'Date With Destiny' seminar — so it seems that a reunion was set in the stars for this couple. She captioned her relationship-debut-'gram with this:

You can see the first pic of the couple together, here:

As Patrick seems to split his time between Perth and Cairns, Tracey will be diving into yet another (partially) long-distance relationship—following a marriage with Dean from Sydney and a relationship with Sean from Melbourne. Whether or not Tracey plans on relocating with or without her daughter, Grace, is yet to be known.