‘MAFS’ Troy reveals the exact moment he knew Ashley wasn't 'The One'

Team TrAshley are over.

Married At First Sight Troy Ashley

In case you missed it, last night's episode of Married At First Sight Australia saw the final couples — John and Melissa, Troy and Ashley and Sarah and Telv — reveal, once and for all, whether they want to continue on in their marriage outside of this bizarre experiment.

John and Melissa and Sarah and Telv both decided to stick it out (despite rumours that Sarah and Telv are faking their relationship RN), but Team TrAshley dumped each other at the vow renewal alter.

We all thought that loved-up Troy would say yes to Ashley, but he shocked everyone when he said, "You're not the woman I've been searching for."

Watch the whole thing unfold here:

The couple, despite dumping one another on national TV, seemed to end on good-ish terms — hugging it out and saying sorry to their ex-spouse. However, in interviews following the episode airing, Troy has revealed that he had actually made up his mind about Ashley long before the final commitment ceremony.

Speaking to The Fix, he explained that in the days leading up to the finale, he had ~serious~ doubts.

He also then brutally followed up his comment with a declaration that he actually saw his wife as more of a platonic family member, saying, "The question box then reinforced my concerns, and I saw Ash as more of a sister that I cared for." AWKWARD.

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Troy also took to Instagram after his breakup was aired on national television, posting a picture of himself with John and Telv, saying:

"What a ride that was ... but the journey goes on... I came into the experiment completely committed to finding love and ready to settle down. I gave it everything I had and left nothing on the table.

"It's a shame it wasn't reciprocated from the other side... Quite quickly I realised I had to try a little too hard to make the relationship work. I continued to believe I could bring out the best in my partner right to the end, but it was not to be.

"While we had a few good times, things would always revert back to a less than ideal situation, with petty fights and nitpicking, which is not my style. I often felt like that no matter what I did, it was never good enough. I was constantly walking on eggshells.

"Rest assured I'm not the type of guy who stays down, and will quickly get back up and continue on the journey.

"Somewhere out there is a woman who will realise my value and love me for all that I am. I will find her.

"Thank you to my family and friends for your continuous love and support. It def wasn't possible without you guys. A massive thanks to my fellow contestants on the show for your counsel and friendship. I wish you all the best. Xx"

Based off the fact that Troy hasn't posted any photos with Ashley, perhaps they aren't on such good terms now…

Now watch what drama will unfold at the final MAFS dinner party: