This ‘Married At First Sight’ wife is selling her wedding dress online, and this is pretty brutal, right?

Might as well make some money off this heartbreak…

Married At First Sight Australia has finally wrapped up after a bloody hectic season, and while we may have ended up with a commitment ceremony couch packed with complete heartbreak, as none of the OG couples have ended up together, we have left with some ~silver linings~ in the shape of wife swap hook-ups with Carly and Troy, Tracey and Sean and now Justin and Ashley.

While that's good-ish news for the MAFS 'success rate', we shouldn't forget the hopeful brides and grooms that went on looking for love and left single and alone with the whole country watching.

It seems like one heartbroken ex-spouse is taking matters in her own hands and opting for a rather brutal method to get over her hubby: By flogging her wedding dress on Facebook.

With the help of her mother, Alycia Galbraith (AKA the bride with the dramatic weight loss story who was looking for a fairytale romance before she was matched with Matt Lockett, who was just not that into her and called it quits in week three) posted her big-day frock on Facebook's marketplace in the hope of making some mullah off her tragedy.

Her mum posted the ad with this caption:

The post follows Alycia blocking her on-screen ex-husband on social media, explaining, "Like after any normal break-up (no matter how short/long), it's never a fun thing seeing your ex's posts."

She also mentioned that Matt was quite a Debbie-downer, which was another reason why she needed to strip him from her social media feed. Alycia plainly said, "He is very negative towards me for no reason and I don't need that in my life. I let Matt know I was blocking him at the time and my reasonings why."

However, her ex-hubby claimed that she was making a big song and dance over nothing, reminding the world at how short a time the couple were actually ~together~ for. Speaking to Daily Mail, Matt said, "She's just struggling to deal with the breakup which was seven days and five of them I slept on the couch."


But still, we're all for this purging of relationship reminders — social media clean outs, photo burning, wedding dress selling, whatever allows you to wash that man right out of your hair.

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