This is what Caroline Krafft from ‘Mean Girls’ looks like now

She’s actually, like, really pretty.

By Natasha Harding
Clare Preuss

Over the years we’ve seen some pretty EPIC Mean Girls transformations.

First there was Kevin Gnapoor.

Then there was Glen Coco. Now we’ve got another doozy for you: Caroline Krafft.

In case you don’t remember her, Caroline plays the token female mathlete from Marymount Prep selected to verse Cady Heron in the State Championship sudden-death round.

Unforunately for Caroline, Cady has an epiphany about life and maths mid-round, coined the line ‘the limit does not exist’ and went on to win the whole damn thing for North Shore High.

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But back to comparison.

Caroline’s character was played by Clare Preuss who, according to HelloGiggles, looks like this now:

Yup, she’s nothing short of an absolute BABE. You go, Clare Preuss!

On another note, we can totally imagine what Regina would say RN…

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