Wanna kiss Matty J? We have a ~weird~ way that you can do it

Fake Matty, meet our very real obsession with you.

Matty J Madame Tussauds Augmented Reality Experience

Our not so low-key obsession with Matty J has had us glued to every episode of The Bachelor Australia, and finds us regularly stalking him on Instagram ('cos who doesn’t want a daily dose of Matty abs?).

But now there is a way to take our connection to the ~next level~, as a new augmented reality experience with Matty J has just launched at Madame Tussauds, which lets you get cosy with the not-so-single Bachelor.

Basically, it’s a big VR party that you can join in on, and mingle with augmented-Matty, sit on the couch with him, and even steal a kiss (or seventeen) — and, we don’t want to massage your ego too much, but Matty is pretty excited about it:

The party is held in Madame Tussauds’ new VIP Pontoon Party room, where you can boogie away with other celebs at the bar and look at the not-so-real Sydney harbour backdrop. We’re imagining some kind of futuristic headset party, and TBH, it has us pretty excited.

The VIP Pontoon Party room opens in the September school holidays, but old mate Matty J arrives on October 4 and will be sticking around for a few months — 'cos he’s a professional party animal. Duh.

Just before you buy your tickets, remember that this party is working on a purely B.Y.O.R policy (bring your own rose, that is), so make sure you’re prepped for some Matty-style romancing by popping to the florists beforehand!