Macca's posted a gnarly optical illusion and people are not happy, Jan

Cheers for the eye-sore.

By Mahalia Chang

We’re not gonna lie: we rely on McDonald’s for a lot of things. You know: shameful 3AM runs for a 10-pack of a nuggets and a McFlurry, providing us with guilt-free hashbrowns on hungover mornings, substituting in when we don’t wanna eat our perfectly-healthy packed lunches, etc., etc.

But Macca’s may have gotten its delicious, sodium-packed self into a bit of hot post-mix coke water over their latest social post.

McDonald’s U.K. posted this cheeky little optical illusion last week which has drawn the ire of the nug-crowd.

The illusion is a bunch of black and white lines, and is tagged, “Tag a mate who should read between the lines...”

If you can’t/won’t/don’t want to spend your time staring at this picture crossed-eyed and squinting like a suspicious owl, spoiler: the words behind the lines read “Bring McNuggets”. But for those who did strain their eyes to see the illusion, not everyone is pleased.

“That's just messed up my eyes, thanks mcdonalds,” one user commented on the picture.

“As if my eyes weren't bad enough… spent a good 10 mins looking at this now everything I look at looks like a zebra on steroids... Thanks McDonalds,” one read.

“Tip to anyone trying to strain to read this just out stretch your arm and hold your phone far away from ur face and u can see it clearly says bring mcnuggets ur welcome saved you straining your eyes to death for several minuets,” wrote another.

One user wrote: “Bring McNuggets. My eyes are going crazy. You better get me a prize for this, McDonald’s or you’ve messed with my eyes for nothing at all.”

There’s only one cure for this one, boys.

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