This Melbourne café charges men more for coffee because of the gender pay gap

Smashing the patriarchy one coffee bean at a time.

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One café in Melbourne is taking the gender pay gap into its own hands (and coffee cups) by charging men 18 per cent more for coffee than women.

Handsome Her is a vegan café in Brunswick that is run by self-confessed greenie and women's advocate Alex O'Brien, who calls her business as one "for women, by women."

This is because she exclusively employs women, prioritises women's seating and now taxes men more for their coffee.

Alex claims this 'man tax' was put in place to start a conversation about the gender wage gap, and it only runs for one week every month. It's also optional to pay, but so far, no one has refused to cop the extra 70c.

The money raised by their initiative will go towards a women's charity, with this month's funds going to Elizabeth Morgan House, which helps Aboriginal women and children.

Handsome Her's plan to kick off the conversation on the wage gap has stirred up some accusatory comments, with some Twitter users labelling the café as sexist.

However, Handsome Her is continuing its mission to provide great vegan food and start important conversations around inequality.

So, for now, sorry lads — but you're gonna have to cop the extra 70c!