Holy balls: men are posting testicle pics in front of pretty landscapes

Nutscaping is a ‘thing’ and what is life?

Men are posting testicle pics

You visit somewhere nice, you take a picture to show off on Insty. Obvs. But do you know what’s been missing from your picture perfect scene? A big old testicle. OF COURSE.

Men are whipping their bollocks out and getting snap happy in a phenomenon called ‘nutscaping’ which is basically just capturing shots through their legs where you can see a testie hovering at the top of the frame.

(Yes, really.)

Nutscapes have even compiled a handy guide:

  1. Find yourself somewhere awesome

  1. Turn your back to the awesome scene

  1. Drop your pants

  1. Bend over and shoot Nutscape through your legs

Here are some balls to demonstrate.

Can you maybe manscape befor ya nutscape, lads?

TBF, we’d take a nutscape over a rogue dick pic any day…