Umm… Did Milo Ventimiglia just hint that Jess doesn’t even WANT to end up with Rory?!

Apparently Jess isn't even #TeamRory.

By Mahalia Chang
Gilmore Girls Rory and Jess.

With all the fuss over the new Gilmore Girls episodes dropping this month and the back and forth between those rooting for Logan or Jess (#TeamDean still technically exists, but let’s be real, mate), there’s been a looot of talk about who Rory is finally going to choose.

But, uh, quick question: did anybody ask who the boys are going to choose?!

Even though it’s been quite a few years since Jess and Logan were last seen, somehow us fans are still expecting them to pick up where they left off with their ~feelings~ for Rory. Which, when you think about it, is kinda dumb.

And Milo Ventimiglia thinks so, too.

Milo spoke to ELLE Magazine US this week about which #Team he’s on and he gave an absolutely SPOT ON answer: forget 'is Rory #TeamJess or #Team Logan', more like 'are the boys #TeamRory?'

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“I was at a Comic Con one time and somebody asked me what team I was and I said 'you know, put that to the side… did people ever consider that if Jess is Team Rory?' Maybe not, she broke his heart twice. I think he's on her side because he cares about her but everybody is dying for them to be together and it's like it didn't work,” he said.

“Why force anything? I don't know, I just think people need to wait until November 25th, put away their expectations and hopefully just enjoy what we shot and what came out.”

“They had their moment and it didn't work. Right?” said Milo.

Damn, that sure put a big, fat, wet blanket on our dreams of Rory and Jess riding off into the Stars Hollow sunset together.

(JK, that’s exactly what someone who knows Jess and Rory end up together would say).

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