Younger's Miriam Shor weighs in on THAT fan theory about Diana Trout's love life

We’re praying for a happily ever after.

By Katie Stow

If you are a human with eyeballs, we can safely assume that you will have watched Younger by now. The show combines our favourite things: New York, work wives, deceit and a really steamy love triangle, and as it always has lashings of humour and top-notch fashion moments, we've fallen head over heels for it.

While the show has huge celebrity drawcards like Hilary Duff and Nico Tortorella, there's one lady in Younger who has well and truly stolen our hearts: Diana Trout.

Ms. Trout is the polished, professional and profoundly funny boss of Liza Miller — the lead in the show — and her hilarious quips and sassy calls for coffee honestly bring us so much joy.

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Because the first season of Younger cemented Diana as a crowd favourite, she's now been upgraded from a supporting role to a more substantial leading lady and we're even getting to see her dabble in the world of sex and romance.

While season five sees Diana take things up a notch with her plumber-cum-boyfriend, Enzo, we really want to know what's in store for the Trout in the luuurve department — so we asked her!

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We had a chat with Diana Trout herself (AKA the oh-so-talented Miriam Shor) to get the down-low on her on-screen relationships and to clear up the fan rumours that the show writers secretly don't want Diana to be happy…

There are a few fan theories online saying that the Younger writers don't want Diana to ever be romantically happy, do you agree with that theory?

"I don't think they have an agenda as to her happiness or not, I think they're sort of more interested in interesting and compelling story-telling and character development. But I do actually think they like seeing Diana vulnerable, and that can mean when she's happy in a relationship or unhappy in a relationship.

"But actually they've introduced [Enzo] now, who sort of pulls the rug out from under her emotionally a little bit and that's actually making her quite happy! I like the chemistry between them and there's a genuine care and sweetness to it that is something really great to bring into her world."

"So no, I don't think there's a conspiracy to keep her unhappy, I think they want to keep her interesting — which is a good thing."

Who is Diana's dream man?

Charles [laughs]. No. Actually what's great is that on paper, it is Charles. He's a successful, wealthy man in publishing who is very uptown and sophisticated and handsome. That's why I think it's so fantastic that she finds herself falling for a person who is not that and who is decidedly blue collar and very different from who she sees herself with and that's kind of throwing her off and forcing her to ask herself questions about what she really wants."

If Diana had to date a current Younger cast member that wasn't Enzo or Charles, who do you think she would go for?

"Zane. I think she would really appreciate his drive and ambition and his intelligence and also he's gorgeous which isn't a bad thing!"

"There was definitely a little spark between them the first time they met, and he loves books and she loves books so you know, I could see that happening."

Your husband is an actor too, have you ever wanted him to appear on Younger as well?

"I did, he actually auditioned to play the male feminist which is a role my friend David Rain ended up playing — he was absolute perfection, so when he got cast both my husband and I were like, 'Oh no, it's got to be him'.

"To be fair, he's a little like; this is your project I don't want to crash it. But he makes me laugh hysterically all the time and I think he's so talented so I think he should be in it. He cracks me up and he's adorable!"

You can keep up to date with Diana Trout's love life by watching Miriam Shor in action on Younger, airing in Australia exclusively on Stan.