“Missing Richard Simmons” is the best damn mystery podcast since "Serial"

You will LOVE this.

Let's be honest: It's been difficult to find a podcast as engaging, exciting and ~mysterious~ since we first heard the story of Adnan Syed in Serial. Soz, but season two just didn't quite do it for us.

Thankfully, we have a new mystery podcast to make our commute to work a little bit better, and it's called Missing Richard Simmons.

Never heard of him? No worries, that won't matter at all.

The podcast follows the story of the iconic American fitness guru Richard Simmons. Three years ago on February 15th, Richard seemingly disappeared and cut off all contact with his family and friends. He basically "ghosted" his old life and never returned to his fitness studio Slimmons in Los Angeles.

Before he disappeared, filmmaker Dan Taberski was planning on shooting a documentary with Simmons, but now, he's started a podcast taking listeners on an investigative journey to finding out what exactly happened to him.

There are quite a few theories out there explaining why the 68-year-old has gone MIA, some are pretty chill, while others are bloody terrifying. Each week Taberski takes the mystery even further and after the first episode, you'll be hooked.