16 ~young~ lingo words u still have 2 Google BC u have NFI WDYM


By Mahalia Chang
Mean Girls.

Even though we would probs consider ourselves part of the ~cool~ crowd, we'll be honest with you: we still struggle to keep up with the modern lingo of the day. TBQH, telling our ICYMIs from our IIRCs is a bit of challenge for us these days.

So, if you're like us — join the club! We've set about deciphering and decoding all the batshit modern ~lingo we still don't understand.


Translation: Too Long, Didn't Read

Meaning: This is often used when someone posts a lot of text that you don't care to read, and it's also a way of asking someone for, or denoting, a shorter version. Like an essay conclusion, you can use this to sum up all your info into a short line, or even use it to tell someone why you didn't read what they wrote. TL;DR: It's a small summary.


Translation: Shaking My Head, or Shake My Head

Meaning: This one is pretty self-explanatory. It just means that whoever wrote it is shaking their head at you. Do you get it now? SMH.


Translation: One True Pairing

Meaning: This is used in fandom circles to mean your ultimate ship or relationship. Example: If you really, really, really want Donna and Harvey to hook up on Suits, then Darvey is your OTP.


Translation: Today I Learned

Meaning: You can use this one to reveal anything you've learnt recently. Like, "TIL that elephants are the only animal that can't jump!"


Translate: If I Recall Correctly, or If I Remember Correctly

Meaning: Use this one when you're reminding someone, or yourself, of a prior-known fact.


Translation: That Hoe Over There

Meaning: This one has taken on its own meaning completely. Instead of meaning That Hoe [physically] Over There, it now can mean any basic bitch.


Translation: Not Safe For Work

Meaning: This little warning can be put onto anything you wouldn't want a boss to see. Like, if you were sending your friend a picture of your boobs to see if your bra was cute enough for a date, you might caption it, "Is this cute? NSFW, btw."


Translation: No Fucking Idea

Meaning: What does this mean? We have NFI.


Translation: What are You Doing, or What're You Doing?

Meaning: A common refrain of the fuckboy. If you get a WYD text, know that a dick pic is shortly to follow.


Meaning: Zaddy is used to describe any hot, usually older guy. Example: "Idris Elba is ZADDY AF."


Translation: To Be Honest, To Be Quite Honest

Meaning: TB(Q)H can be used to let whoever you're talking to know that you're being straight-up.


Meaning: A Stan (some people think this means super-fan, whilst others think it comes from Eminem's song, "Stan") is a huge fan. If you live and breath Mariah Carey, then you're a Mariah Carey stan!


Translation: In Case You Missed It

Meaning: You might see this one all over Instagram — it's just a way of posting or talking about something semi-old by pretending it's for the benefit of people who might not have seen it yet. "ICYMI I looked really cute in this selfie :)".


Translation: Fear Of Missing Out

Meaning: If you have FOMO, then you're scared you're gonna miss out on something cool or good by not going. "I didn't want to go at first but then I got major FOMO, so I booked tickets."


Translation: I Don't Give A Fuck

Meaning: This means that you totally don't care. "Jason's going out with Jessica? IDGAF."


Translation: Original Gangsta

Meaning: If you refer to something as being OG, it's the original and usually the best. "Ugh, the Backstreet Boys were the OG boyband."