Some animal is getting rid of a Monopoly player piece and we have feelings about it

Is nothing sacred?

By Mahalia Chang

Anyone who's ever played the great game of Monopoly knows how personal it can get. You know, you have your favourite street-sets, your favourite ~sniff~ railway stations, your favourite tactic of taking over your sibling's assets and ruining your relationship with them for the foreseeable future, and — of course — your favourite playing piece.

Now, for many sad individuals, that reality is now over. Announced on TODAY US, Monopoly revealed that it has decided to retire one of its pieces, never to be played again.

The unlucky little guy is the Thimble.

In what can only be described as a cruel and unusual punishment for those who enjoyed the comforting roundness and spin-ability of the piece, the quaint old-worldly charm and its ease of movement, the Thimble has been officially axed.

It leaves behind the Wheelbarrow, Racecar, Shoe, Top Hat, Battleship, Dog and Cat.

Although the late Thimble was, admittedly, not one of the more popular tokens, it still had a place in our hearts. It is expected to be replaced by a new piece, as voted by participants in a poll of over 50 new options including a duck and a penguin, to be announced on the 19th.


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