Get an insight into lazy Australians: These are the most popular Deliveroo orders of 2017

The food you turn to when you CBA to cook.

After a long day, when you head back home and flop onto the couch, the last thing you want to do is start cooking (and then inevitably cleaning up afterwards). You just want someone to knock on your door and thrust a delicious dinner in your face for you to chow down, and then head to bed.

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It is due to this particular form of widespread laziness that food delivery services were born. Now a whole host of yummy meals can be ordered, cooked and served up to you in your living room all with a click of a button - and because of that, we will be forever grateful.

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But have you ever wondered what the most popular food deliveries are? What the nation calls for when it's on its knees and can't be arsed to cook? Well, Deliveroo has provided the answers to this somewhat-pervy question and revealed what Aussie order the most.

How many have you eaten?