Netflix might be the key to a happier relationship

This is all the proof we’ll ever need.

Netflix might be the key to a happier relationship

Turns out there could be some actual relationship merit in the old Netflix and chill thanks to a new study which reveals couples who stream together might just be happier.


The survey, conducted by Netflix, discovered 58 per cent of people feel like they bond with their bae when they’re watching shows and movies streamed via Netflix, and a whopping 72 per cent would rather stay on the lounge and watch Netflix than head out for a casual date.

And we couldn’t agree with the majority of peeps more.

27 percent of people also believe “show compatibility” is important and 25 per cent of people find others more attractive based on the shows they watch. Hence Netflix creating the term “show goggles”.

Image via Woman's Day and Netflix

So while we don’t always subscribe to V-Day romance, we can definitely subscribe to showmance.

We’re locking down plans for the 14th RN.

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