Netflix maybe just teased more Gilmore Girls and everyone's freaking out

But what does this MEAN?!

Netflix teases more Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls fans are in a caffeine-jitters like state of panic and excitement after Netflix just sent out a mysterious tweet that could hint more episodes are on the way.

WARNING: If you don’t know Rory’s final four words in A Year In The Life and, more importantly, don’t want to know (you haven’t watched it yet? C’mon!) then stop now.

On Thursday, the Netflix US account tweeted a photo which is basically a throwback reference to April Nardini’s science fair project in Season 6, which allowed her to discover that Luke Danes was her biological father.

But it’s been given a modern update to feature the last few people Rory probably slept with instead –Logan, Wookiee costume dude and Paul. So in other words, the probable options for the identity of her baby daddy.

The image was accompanied by the caption “Where's an eighth grade science fair when you need one?”

Surely this has to mean there’s more Gilmore Girls on the way? At least one more episode, so the insane, almost cruel cliffhanger A Year In The Life ended on can be wrapped up? SURELY THEY WOULD NOT TOY WITH OUT HEARTS LIKE THIS.

To be continued.