Say 'bless you' to the Snelfie

It’s a selfie, mid sneeze (and yes, this is an actual trend).

Anyone can take a ‘selfie’, some people can take a ‘wealthie’ and a few people even enjoy a good ‘after sex selfie’.

There’s a new Instagram trend on the scene, and it’s kind of gross, but also very appropriate considering we’ve just officially welcomed winter. It’s the ‘snelfie’, or sneezing selfie.

Taken in that rare moment when you’re between normality and overwhelming relief, it’s a one-second snapshot of your squished up, pre-sneeze face.

Unlike a selfie, which you have countless attempts to perfect, the snelfie life-span is brief. You’ve got just seconds to open your phone camera and catch the moment, which is why plenty of #snelfie images appear on Instagram as just a blur.

What can we say – it’s one of social media’s stranger trends, but after seeing people curled up in bed post-coitus we consider ourselves immune to weird viral happenings.

Here’s a few of the better ones (out of the almost 1,500 that have made their way onto Instagram so far):