PSA: Monopoly wants the Internet to vote on what their new playing pieces should be

One of the candidates is legitimately sliced bread. LOL.

By Natasha Harding

Calling all Monopoly fans: Your favourite board game is about to get an epic overhaul, meaning this is your chance to make history.

If you’re OBSESSED with Monopoly, you will understand the love-hate relationship with the board game that ruins families.

On the ‘love’ side, any hardcore player will know there’s nothing more satisfying than scooping up all the railway stations or lobbing a casual hotel on Mayfair and waiting for the carnage to happen.

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On the downside, going to jail never gets any easier and passing ‘Go’ without collecting $200 feels like someone murdered your entire family. But that’s kind of the game, right?

However, there is one tiny detail we’ve been dying to change since we were wee kids: the playing pieces.

Good news! Hasbo (the company responsible for the board game which ruins families) has announced they’re going to mix up the small metallic markers and they want YOUR help in voting for the best eight tokens. Of course, we’re only too happy to oblige.

Some of our favourite contenders include:

1. This pretty princess-worthy key.

2. Gold sliced bread – ‘cause why the eff not?

3. The fluffy bunny slipper.

4. And a kissing emoji.

Click here to see all the ops.

The new #boardsquad will be announced on World Monopoly Day (which is March 19, FYI) and will be available later in the year. So what are you waiting for? Get ye to the polls!