Has Nikki Gogan hinted she’s won The Bachelor… again?!

Her ex has been speaking out.

By Lorna Gray

So remember a few weeks ago when Nikki Gogan (kind of) hinted she’d won The Bachelor because of her choice of words in an interview?

Well, she’s dropped another hint. If you care to construe it that way.

Nikki revealed her ex fiancé, Tim Verlinden, has placed a $1000 bet on her to win. That’s quite a big bet there…

Weirdly, her admission comes after he said she’s only in it for ‘fame’. Tim told New Idea his former fiancée was putting on an ‘act’:

“Obviously she's taken a big liking to the limelight. I took her around the world. I gave her a $28,000 ring and a car.”

Side note: How horrible would it be to have your ex spouting stuff about your relationship to reporters?! No good can come of that, surely.

Nikki told TV Week: “It is disappointing he’d say that, but we don’t hate each other and I know he wishes me all the best.” She added: “Tim actually put $1000 on me to win when I was paying $9, so he stands to win $9000. So, if he’s backing me to win, he can’t think I’m that bad.”

Tru dat.

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