THIS spoon of Nutella will cost you $5

Melbourne has a new, ridiculously overpriced trend.

nutella spoonful 5 bucks melbourne pop up

Melbourne is known for its weird and wacky café trends that make the hipsters come running — do we need to remind you of the ‘avolatte’?

But there is now a new trend hitting Victorian streets: $5 spoonful of Nutella.

The pop-up store ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ (set in a secret Melbourne location — oooh, edgy…) has released a line of spoons with various calorific snacks in them.

These include the notorious Nutella, peanut butter and jelly, salted caramel and banoffee.

Though they may look tasty, we need to remind you before you get sucked in to the hipster bullshit, that IT IS A SPOON.

Your average 400g jar of Nutella costs $4. That is legitimately a dollar cheaper than buying this one spoonful.

As expected, the internet has lost its shit over this. The Melbourne Cool Facebook page (that first posted about the pop up) have received a wealth of hilarious comments from people who, frankly, can’t believe that this is really happening.

Other comments included, “Melbs… do we have to talk?”, “Let’s go spend $5 on a teaspoon of food” and the gloriously simple, “da fuq”.

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One commenter had a slightly positive spin, saying, “Finally a serving size that fits my macros”.

Silver linings people.

Images from: Melbourne Cool Facebook page.