Obsessed with "the gap"

An increasing number of women are turning to plastic surgery to achieve the latest body fixation…

A growing obsession with the “box gap” (a gap between the upper legs) is leading to a worrying new trend: women are turning to plastic surgery to get the “prized” space between their thighs. Achieving the look naturally is unrealistic and unachievable for lots of body shapes, so it’s disturbing that some women are holding themselves to impossible standards and are going to extreme lengths to get it.

This latest body fixation is gaining such momentum that it has led to multiple Facebook and Twitter groups, where over 700,000 members egg each other on by sharing pics of their own gaps and uploading images of “thinspirational” celebs and models. The most ridiculous part is many of the pages were actually started by guys, who take candid pics of women’s box gaps secretly – gross.

Some women are so desperate to have the box gap, they are turning to surgery. In England one clinic called LoveLite claims they’ve had a 240 percent increase in clients wanting to perform Lipoglaze on their “trouble spot”.

Lipoglaze, designed to remove fat from specific areas like the inner thighs, involves placing a vacuum-like device on the upper leg or other targeted spot. The machine then starts gently sucking on the body part, while warming up the skin, before freezing the area down to minus 10 degrees Celcius.

The frozen fat then DIES before being expelled from the body as waste product - sounds pretty heinous right?

The clinic has defended themselves saying Lipoglaze is totally harmless, adding they always vet clients beforehand and will not treat anyone under 18. “During that assessment if we feel they are underweight, or have weight issues or have previously suffered from weight loss issues we will not treat them,” director Debra Robson told the Daily Mail.

We still can’t understand how a bunch of creepy dudes have launched a major body obsession, but we’re hoping the trend burns itself out soon.