Halloween costume.

17 offensive Halloween costumes you should Definitely Not wear

Come on, guys.

By Mahalia Chang

Even though we’re not ~huge~ celebrators Down Under, it’s not unknown for Australians to participate in some October 31st Halloween revelry — we’re only human. And, everything considered, Aussies are pretty good at navigating the line of funny costumes, laid-back ‘Strayan humour and all.

But that doesn’t mean we never get it wrong.

Out there in amongst the culturally-relevant Stranger Things costumes and Wonder Woman get-ups, and next to the Halloween classics — sexy witches, cats, Disney princesses and storm troopers — there are some truly horrific costumes that are way offensive. Everything from culturally appropriative ‘Sexy Indians,’ to the truly mind-boggling ‘Sexy Ebola fighter.’

(Side note: Why does everything have to have a random ‘sexy’ skew? Just kidding. We know why.)

To act as something of a ‘What Not To Do’ guideline, we’ve rounded up the worst offenders.

Steer clear.