Turns out nearly 20% of office mugs have poo on them and wait, WHAT?!

Prepare to be grossed out forever more.

By Natasha Harding
the office

You know when the clock strikes 3pm and you decide to take a leisurely stroll to the office kitchen to brew yourself a nice cup of tea? Welp, we’re just about to ruin the whole thing for you. Soz.

According to LifeHacker, office mugs are actually a horrific hangout for germs. A study completed by Charles Gerba, Ph.D, professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, found that up to 90% of office mugs have dangerous germs on them. But wait, it gets worse.

Of those germs, apparently 20% are faecal bacteria (AKA poo).

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Again, we’re sorry but it’s true.

So how the eff does shit make its way onto your princess mug, you ask? Great question and we sure as hell want to know the answer too. Turns out it’s all to do with the sponges in the kitchen sink that you use to clean your mug with afterwards.

With everyone in the office using the same few scrubbing brushes and sponges to clean out their crockery, it doesn’t take long for a tonne of manky bacteria to build up (the poo type included).

As bad as it sounds, it’s not as horrendous as an office pranking ritual going on that you’ve been unaware of this whole time, right? Right.

Alas, your tea break isn’t destined for ruin: there are two simple ways to avoid the grossness. Firstly, you can take your mug home on the reg and pop it in your own poo-free dishwasher. Alternatively, make sure you wash your mug thoroughly with hot water, soap and dry it with a paper towel DAILY.

That's all fine and dandy but we're gonna go disposable going forward and forget this whole thing ever happened.