Only if I can bring my boyfriend…

Brit It girls get their guys in on their gigs

If I was to be a celebrity, I’d want to be the Sienna Miller kind, and not just cause she’s a babe. You see, Sienna never seems to work too much but has enough going on to not get bored. Everyone likes her so she’s always on the VIP list, mag covers and in high-end label campaigns. And best of all, she doesn’t seemed too bothered about the paparazzi. Don’t get me wrong, she gets snapped a whole lot, that’s for sure, but she always looks pretty happy about it and why wouldn’t she be? Her life with fiancé Tom Sturridge and bub Marlowe looks pretty blissed out.

I like to describe it as a life of Eternal Sundays, and that is the main reason I want to be like Miss Miller. My Google image history is full of Miller-Sturridge stalks: her in a cute sundress, him in his (seemingly surgically attached) hipster hat, taking a stroll through the farmers market to get a loaf of sourdough – hello heaven.

So when my friend excitedly tweeted about Sienna’s latest Burberry campaign in which she is being paid bucket loads (I assume) to get cosy with her very own fiancé, I wanted to be her even more. I’m obviously not alone; Burberry’s chief creative Christopher Bailey obviously feels the same. This is how I imagine it went down:

“So Chris, what’s the campaign direction?”

“Well, it’s, ah, just you Sienna, you and maybe Tom too. You guys are pretty cool. What do you think?”

“Me and Tom?”


“Hmmm… ok great! I’ll get my Mum to mind Marlowe.”

Her royal rockness Georgia May Jagger has also scored her and her beau, Josh McLellan, a double act. This one is for Sisley’s autumn/winter 2013 collection and the couple had a proper make-out sesh for the camera. I love Georgia May. And because I hope she’s a bit sassy IRL, I really hope this deal was made after Miss Jagger wrote to her agent saying, “Tell ‘em only if Josh can do it too.”

Oh to be famous, in-love, cool and British.