7 major things we know so far about Outlander season 3

RIP, young Jamie and Claire. : (

Warning sPoILeRs about the Outlander season 2 finale ahead

Outlander season 2 came to an end this weekend and we are struggling with this #Droughtlander already tbh. Oh, how we miss Jamie Fraser and his sexy Scottish ways. The super emotional season finale, Dragonfly in Amber, saw Jamie and Claire part ways in the most heartbreaking fashion, and set season three up to be an absolute rollercoaster of feels.

Here's what we know so far about what's to come:

1. Jamie and Claire will look different in season 3

The first thing we need to address is newly old Claire. After heading back to the future ~through the stones~, the next version of her that we see is 20 years older, living 200 years in the future in 1968. And needless to say, she’s aged like an absolute dream.

The very end of Sunday night’s episode saw a now 50-year-old Claire go BACK AGAIN ~through the stones~ to find Jamie, after learning he in fact didn’t die in the gruesome Battle of Culloden. Meaning she’ll be rocking her chic new grey-streaked hair in the 1700s – and we have an aged Jamie to look forward to meeting. Will he still have all of his flowing hair? Will he be a silver fox? Would we still go there? Will they still be just as sexy to watch?

“It's fine, we're getting put out to pasture and we can just get fat. I've already started,” Sam Heughan, who playes Jamie, told IGN.

“Surely [Jamie's] got a bit of a beer belly. I'm going to take it upon myself to age ungracefully. I think Fat Jamie is what everyone wants to see.”

Somehow, we don’t quite believe him.

2. We don't yet know when season 3 is coming

But it might now be that far off… Producer Matt Roberts told The Hollywood Reporter last month that they weren’t taking a break between seasons, meaning writing and general prep is already underway.

“We haven't stopped working, and we just went straight over from Season 2 to Season 3,” he said.

“We carried the writers' room over, and a few people in Scotland continued to prep for next season. Outlander is a beast of a show to produce, so if we took a normal break, a regular hiatus like a normal show, we would already be behind. Now the fans can have it sooner than what they think. The Droughtlander won't be as long as they expect.”

Us until then:

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3. If you can’t wait for the show to find out what happens next, check out Diana Gabaldon’s *Voyager *novel

Season 3 will follow the story of this book, so if you’re a sucker for spoilers, go ruin it for yourself now!

4. A lot of your favourite characters are gone forever. Soz about it.

The Battle of Culloden no doubt claimed most of your highland favourites. Plus showrunner Ronald Moore told Entertainment Weekly that both Frank and Black Jack Randall will bow out in season 3.

“Unfortunately, his role will come to an end relatively soon, he said of actor Tobias Menzies, who plays both characters.

“It’s not over yet. We’ll still see him in season 3. But other than occasional flashbacks to Frank or Jack, their story pretty much ends in book 3.”

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5. Brianna and Roger won’t be in season 3 as much as you might think

You’d be forgiven for thinking the introduction of Claire and Jamie’s daughter and her new love meant they’d be big players in season 3, but it turns out the show will still focus mainly on Claire and Jamie’s relationship. Yay!

“She's not as huge a presence in the third book as she will be in subsequent books, so you'll get to see her and you'll see Roger as well in Season Three,” Moore told Vanity Fair.

“But the primary story is very much Claire and Jamie.”

6. Frank might not turn out to be the nice guy we think he is

“There are certain things about Frank in Voyager that come out that he’s not so nice a guy,” executive producer, Maril Davis told Zap2it.

“I don’t know if we’ll play those or not, because I think our Frank is a little different from book Frank.”

7. Most of the season will be shot back in Scotland

Sure, that little jaunt to France was nice. But Scotland is where Claire and Jamie belong. However, season 3 won’t be spent entirely in the highlands – the crew are also scouting exotic beaches and jungle locations for one particular storyline.

Jamie Fraser shirtless in the sun? YES PLZ.