Ridiculously hot pics of Sam Heughan in the 'Outlander' season 3 premiere

Droughtlander is officially OVER.

By Natasha Harding

PSA: Droughtlander is officially OVER!

That's right, the first ep of Outlander season 3 just premiered in the US and we're all kinds of excited to see Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser navigate life centuries apart with a baby on the way.

And what better way to celebrate than by pulling together all the hottest Sam Heughan pics from the first ep?

Potential spoilers ahead (duh).

Here's your boy looking babin' (and 100% ALIVE) after the dreaded Battle of Culloden - hallelujah!

Those lashes tho <33.

But let's rewind to the smokin' hot ~chesty~ pics for a bit, yeah?

Here's the spunky Scot running into battle:

The whole thing is a bloody nightmare ('cept for Jamie's relieved smile when he sees Murtagh).

Then he spots his arch nemesis: Black Jack Randall. DUN DUN DUN.

And we know we're in for some action.

TENSIONS ARE HIGH, but Jamie's strong...

And swift with the sword (no pun intended).

And just like that, we wanna be transported to ye olde Scotland all over again...

So crack the whiskey, 'cause Season 3 of Outlander is now express from US on Showcase.

All pictures and gifs courtesy of Starz